What we offer

When co-operating with us, you can be sure that your documents have been translated by an expert and, when requested, reviewed by another. All of our translators have specialist knowledge regarding their fields (not just general human and veterinary medicine and pharmacology, but also specific areas like neurology, oncology, haematology, imaging methods, laboratory examinations, biochemistry, pathobiochemistry and genetics) and are fully experienced in providing translations to a high level regarding both language and knowledge. We have completed translations directly for not only health care companies and service providers but also for translation agencies (e.g. Skřivánek s.r.o, CEET s.r.o and Lionbridge). Our customers’ requirements are of the highest priority. To stay consistent with other company materials, we co-operate closely with our customers during the translation process in order to tailor the text as accurately as possible. Due to the use of CAT tools (CAT = Computer-Aided Translation) we can guarantee uniformity and consistency of texts in large and repeated translations. Our experience shows that long-term co-operation directly with the customer brings the best possible results in terms of providing a service consistent with the customer’s requirements.

Typically translated documents include:

Clinical studies – informed consent, synopsis, protocol, correspondence of ethical committees and CRO, contracts

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – SPC, Patient Information Leaflets, User Manuals, marketing materials, product presentations, web pages incl. work in CMS

Medical documentation – reports, case histories, diagnoses, expert opinions for insurance companies